Interior Painting

If you look around your home and realise it looks exactly as it did ten years ago, it may be time for a change. Painting the interior of your house is an effective way to instantly transform or update the look of your home. If done well it will give your interior a  renewed lease on life as well as a more up to date look.
All you have to decide upon is whether to go for a complete interior paint project or a smaller scope project. At IM Painting and Decorating, we provide the highest quality at the most affordable price, wherever you are in Brisbane. We are proud to specialise in homes, units, and apartments both in the city and in more rural locations.
Our interior residential team have developed their skills over many years. They are able to advise you on the best products for redecoration or restoration as needed. Their knowledge ensures that their guidance on finishes and techniques is second to none.

With a 5 year workmanship guarantee
you can be sure we'll be professional

Exterior Painting

When the exterior/facade of your Queensland home is painted it creates a  beautiful first impression. It can totally transform the look of your whole home and increases your kerb appeal!  Not only will your home look fresh and updated, but new paintwork on the outside of your home will also help with the upkeep and maintenance of the home. It helps to keep your home in great condition and keep the need for repairs to a minimum.  Queensland’s climate means that you must ensure you have a professional, quality paint job done. It should consider the environmental conditions and the impact that this will have on the completed works.

At IM Painting and Decorating, we have many years of experience in Queensland’s painting industry. We make sure your exterior paint job will last for many, many  years and stand up to the sunny climate that is so unique to QLD.

We professionally prep your  home and make repairs needed before the paint goes on. This will ensure the longevity of the work and the exterior paint will look flawless.